Alloy Steel Fasteners

Alloy Steel Fasteners

ASTM A193 / A194 GR 6, B 7, B 7M Alloy Steel Fasteners Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

Alloy Steel Bolts, Alloy Steel Anchor Fasteners, Alloy Steel Washers, Alloy Steel Socket Screw Suppliers.

When steel is alloyed with different elements it produces a different kind of alloy, that can sustain any amount of pressure or temperature variance without developing any blemishes on its surface, which makes up for an an ideal type of alloy that has all the durability needed along with added resistance against various different corrosive elements. Use of many products made from alloy steel is mainly done in heavy industry machinery, which experiences ample amount of wear and tear that is taken well by these alloys.

The fasteners are responsible for holding together a framework or assembly also in parts of machinery, where many aspects of it are moving and working in unison with each other. The alloys fasteners come in threaded as well as welded form, and are divided in different grades which specifies the variance of constituent metals inside it. Different grades are capable of being used in specified areas as there are laid down by concerned governing bodies after duly testing of the fasteners.

Specification :

Standard:ASTM / ASME A/SA 193 / 194 GR
Size:"¼ to 4”
Grade:B 6, B 7/ B 7M, B 16, 2, 2HM, 2H, GR 6, B 7, B 7M
Specification:IS, BS, ASTM
Type:Bolts, nuts, Washers, Anchor Fasteners, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolt, Stud, Threaded Rod, Cotter Pin, Socket Screw, Fine Fasteners & Spares, Foundation Fasteners, etc.

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