Stainless Steel Wire Rod

Stainless Steel Wire Rod

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Stainless steel alloys are widely known for their widespread use in different sectors of the industry most prominently in the domestic household where heat, contact with different acids from foods is pretty common. Stainless steel is non-hardening by nature and can be changed into hardened form by addition of carbon or chromium to its core structure. The non-hardened form of stainless steel is very durable in nature and can be easily machined in different shapes and dimensions, without any negative chips or brittleness occurring during the process. All the drawing stage of the process is done in compliance with industry standards as required according to the specifications.

The Stainless Steel Wire Rod are drawn using different methods depending on the nature of the alloy. The wire drawing process is carried at a high temperature due to the semi-hardened nature of the alloy which is passed through a die giving it the circular thin shape, while the force from around the die removes excess remnants. This process is called as hot working process. Generally the wire is drawn once from the die but it may be also drawn several times if the desired result is not achieved. Different dies for varying thickness of wires are used, and the wires are later passed through a rotary machine that folds them into a mesh.


Sizes: 5.5 mm to 25 mm
Grades: 201, 202, 204 CU, 303, 304, 304 L, 310, 316, 316 L, 321, 4% nickel & 400 series
Tolerance: h8, h9, h10 Length upto 6 mtrs

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