Pipes & Tubes

Pipes & Tubes


Pipes and tubes form the basic foundation of supply systems and industrial frameworks, by facilitating the flow of supply from one end to to the other, inside an unit. Pipes and Tubes are used in various manufacturing plants, transporting liquids and solutions of different strengths in both pre-processing as well as post-processing phase of their life. Specific use of different metal alloys is determined the grades, associated with domains of   industrial applications. Increasing amount of ratios inside the pipes and tubes affects its performance and functional life.

The Tubes are manufactured in different shapes like cylindrical, rectangular and square as intended for use. The forged Tubes are malleable, and can be molded as needed and do not develop any blemishes in its core structure. Different metal alloys like Duplex Steel alloy, Monel alloy, Stainless Steel alloy, Hastelloy, Inconel alloy, Carbon steel alloy are widely used in manufacturing the pipes and tubes.

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