Round Bars

Round Bars


Round Bars are manufactured using a variety of Metals & Alloys, added in differing constituent quantities altering the physical properties of the resultant bars, which exhibit an increase in durability and long functional use. A alloy like stainless steel is used for manufacture of Round bars, which are not completely hardened but still posses the capability to be easily machined. Using multitude alloy steels increases the resistance of the rods against several external degrading factors, which affects many ordinary metal forged bars, incapable of taking well to the daily wear and tear of the industry.

Widespread use of Round bars is prominently done in domains, where the they act as frameworks fixated to each other, increasing the strength of a structures like concrete construction adding stability to the overall foundation of the build. The Round bars are also manufactured in variances, that they are extruded or hollowed up to a certain length, having nudges easing fastening of the rods inside a framework.

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