Sheet, Plates & Coils

Sheet, Plates & Coils


Sheets, Plates and Coils are used in diverse applications ranging from household to industrial due to its versatility and overall abilities, making them durable and adaptable to different domains which include constant high stress or increased use of corrosive solutions like acids and alkalines. The Sheets and Plates are made from stock alloys, that attributes to the choices one can have after determining potential the area of their usage. Sheets are manufactured by applying increasing amount of pressure on stock alloy which leads to formation of a solid structure, which can be is semi-hardened or completely hardened, depending on the kind of alloy used. Wide use of high quality and advanced machinery based on computer control and CAD files, contributes in making the process seamless and controlled.

The Coils are drawn from dies, using varying diameters of openings which are measured in millimeters facilitating forging of accurate dimensions of coils, that are extremely malleable and ductile. Forged Coils are stored as meshes using a rotary machine.

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